We are opening!!!
The 3.5k of asphalt rollerski trails will open at 7am May 30th. The RFiD axess gate will be in operation and you will need to purchase a day, 2 day, seasonal or annual pass to access the trails. You may purchase at https://ariensnordic.com/passes/
And print your pass at the Pick up box located on the south side of the Trailhead building next to the doors. Just scan your QR code and it will drop your RFID tag. Otherwise you can wait till the trailhead building opens at 10am and work with one of our customer service staff to get you situated.
Please note that our trails have not received the final coat of asphalt which will be happening the week of June 12, there are some areas that have received some damage from construction equipment but are all avoidable and marked. Largely the trail surface is in great condition albeit a little dirty. Please ski with in your abilities and be aware that HELMETS ARE REQUIRED for rollerskiing. Please use proper trail etiquette when encountering other trail users and announce “on your left” when overtaking . Trails ski in a clockwise manner and signage is a little light as we complete the trail work, there are v boards out for directions at this time.
Thank you and welcome back to ANC.

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