The 3.5 k trails were groomed early am. Single track set with skate lane. Expect tilled technical snow, transformed with firm base. Open loops include: Stadium Loop Mammoth Morty and Cobb’s Climb Pond Loop Snowmaking continues on the range and south loops to open as soon as we connect the dots.


Our trail system remains closed . With some impassable areas the rain expected we will reevaluate on Wednesday afternoon. We will begin making snow starting early Thursday am in an attempt to fill any gaps to get back to operational . We will provide updates as we have them.


We currently have 4 loops totaling 3.5km of trail open including Stadium Loop, Mammoth, Morty & Cobb's Climb, and Pond Loop. Full coverage, 1 classic track set and wide skate lane. Firm, flat, fast deck. Reminder – our trails ski in a clockwise direction. Come out and enjoy!