Trails are currently closed


We will be opening at noon today due to rain and high temps. We will post conditions as soon as grooming is completed. Thank you for your patience.


The ANC trails were groomed and single track set. The south trails were opened Saturday. They include Trailhead Spur, Slingshot, and Hotshot in addition to the North loops. All trail users should enter thru the RFID gate on the south side of the trailhead building for access.


The south loops off of the trailhead building are now open. Skate lane and track set.
Very cold temps and strong winds left much of the north trail system windswept and crunchy, the south trails will be softer with being freshly pushed out.
We have added :
Trailhead spur
Hotshot runs thru the Range
Trail head spur is, well , a spur connecting the trails to the trailhead.
Slingshot is a complete loop.
All trails are clockwise direction.


All ANC trails groomed and single track set. With colder temps and low use the past few days the trails were hard and icy. Warmer temps today will help but the bottom drops out again tomorrow.
Snowmaking continues on the south portion of the trails. Be advised there are some hoses crossing trails near range. This does not impact the north trails.
North gate is closed please proceed to the trailhead building for trail access.
Thank you


The ANC trails were groomed and track set after heavy use with successful JNQ races this weekend. The new snow was a welcome addition to mix in with the technical snow. The same loops are open with anticipation of making snow for the south loops and opening in the near future. Conditions will be slow with the very low temps. Please protect yourself as you ski on these low temps as we are open to the wind more than other trails.


The ANC trails were groomed and track set. Great coverage with the small amount of fresh snow that had fallen. The track is set slightly different from weeks past as turning zones have been identified for the JNQ races this weekend. If you aren’t comfortable staying in the tracks on some downhills please either take the bypasses or ski out of the track.
Friday is course inspection so the weekend courses is set with V-Boards. They are strictly for marking the race coursel. You may ski around them if needed.
Thank you for your cooperation with our first hosting effort.