As of 3am the ANC trails were receiving freezing rain and sleet. It changed to very light snow at 4am at which time we were able to get equipment on snow. The 1k trails have a groomed skate deck and set track. Some trails are narrower than past weeks due to melt, please announce your intention to pass politely, be courteous to other skiers while we are in a concentrated use period and we work to open more trail. The track is interrupted in turning zones where the turns are too sharp to keep skis in the track. Also due to range activities this evening and weekend the track was set to the right thru the range. The range isn’t very wide so please give biathletes space to utilize the points on the range. Red flags up on the range indicate the range is active. Most range activity will be on foot and we will attempt to minimize trail impact thru the range. If you are interested in Biathlon consider signing up for a Try It course with our RSO Gregg Pattison. Who knows you might be the next National team member.
Please ski within your abilities. Thank you!

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