Ariens Nordic Center offers a four-hour biathlon rifle safety course that *must be completed to use the biathlon range for specific biathlon programs including Open Range, Open Range Plus and private coaching lessons. If not already completed, the four-hour course will include the online U.S. Biathlon Basic Rifle Safety course and certification.

*If participating in local or national team range practice and/or participating in biathlon races at Ariens Nordic Center, at a minimum, U.S. Biathlon Basic Rifle Safety Certification is required. If the practical portion of the U.S. Biathlon Basic Rifle Safety Certification is needed, Ariens Nordic Center offers this for $20 and will coordinate with U.S. Biathlon to complete the certification.


$75/person, lunch and snacks included

Course Includes:

  • Classroom and practical range lessons
  • Safety handling of a .22 rifle while participating in biathlon
  • How to participate in biathlon
  • Understand necessary equipment needed for biathlon
  • Receive U.S. Biathlon Basic Rifle Safety Certification
  • How to become a U.S. Biathlon Member (membership required to participate in biathlon programs beyond introduction biathlon courses)


  • 12 years of age or older
  • Must exhibit mature behavior
  • All participants must sign safety waiver
  • Non-biathlon shooting is not permitted at Ariens Nordic Center
  • No experience or personally owned equipment is required

How to Register:

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