It’s time to become U.S. Biathlon Red Book Certified! Ariens Nordic Center offers a six-hour course to receive your red book safety credentials. If participating in local or national range practices and/or participating in races is desired, U.S. Biathlon Red Book Certification is required at Ariens Nordic Center.



Course Includes:

  • Classroom and practical range lessons
  • Safety handling of a .22 rifle while participating in biathlon
  • How to participate in biathlon
  • Understand necessary equipment needed
  • Receive U.S. Biathlon Red Book Certification after course completion
  • Become a U.S. Biathlon Member (required)
  • Age 10 or older required and must exhibit mature behavior
  • No experience or personally owned equipment is required

How to Register:

Click or tap the button below to review the Range Calendar, select desired date/time, and click ‘Purchase’: