The ANC trails were groomed and track set later this am due to snow making opportunities. You will find mixed conditions depending on where you ski. Most technical snow is transformed due to high repetitive use and processing with grooming. The Biathlon Range needed snow made directly on it . We generally don’t subscribe to making snow over snow but we are at a point where we must add snow to the range to host this weekends Biathlon race and Try It classes. . There may be icy areas found in The range and stadium. 20-30m stretch at most. Otherwise great coverage that will soften with use today.
Snowmaking continues to attempt to get more trail back open.
Thank you for your continued patience and patronage while we rebuild.
Don’t forget Demo day this Sunday with Rossi, Salomon, Endurance Enterprises , Hestra and Pete’s Garage.
Please ski within your abilities. Thank you!

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