The 2.4k ANC Trails were groomed and track set early this am. Track is mostly full depth, 5deg temps allowed for firm setup very quickly. This will be a high use weekend. Sunday we will hold a biathlon race on the ANC 2.4k loop but it will remain open to everyone, just be aware our range will be active and people will be skiing with biathlon rifles on their backs with no ammo in the chambers.
Snowmaking has continued to repair the range/ low areas and to farm snow for the next inevitable thaws. Please be aware where technical snow has drifted onto ski trails (due to very high winds) it is very sharp in nature and super slow. Almost feels like the brakes are on instantly or you skied into a pile of sand. As you lap please make note of these areas so you can anticipate the sudden slowdown. Thank you for your cooperation as this is a biproduct of late season snowmaking while trails are in use.
Best of luck to Birkie skiers skiing at ANC we are proud to have been able to provide a place for you to train this challenging season.
Please ski within your abilities. Thank you!

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